Hướng dẫn lắp đặt máng lưới - Guideline for installation of wire mesh tray/ cable basket tray

Hướng dẫn lắp đặt máng lưới - Guideline for installation of Wire mesh tray/ cable basket tray




Wire Mesh Cable Tray System is an excellent solution for indoor cable pathway applications to create point-to-point pathways for network cabling in data centers, network equipment rooms and office spaces. In addition to standard tray, we now offer OnTrac Shaped Tray as an option when supporting high performance and high density cabling.

Intended Use

Install this tray only in a restricted service environment, such as a data center. Use indoors only, in environmentally controlled areas; do not use outdoors, or in harsh environments. Allow only qualified service personnel to install or use this tray.
Tools Required
• Cable Tray Cutting Tool (P/N 34839-001)
• 7/16” Socket Wrench
• Sand Paper (for removal of painted finish) Recommended Tools:
• Any tools needed for mounting the tray should be identified before installation.
• A metal file may be used to chamfer rough edges after cutting tray.
• Handheld rotary sanding tools speed up paint removal.
• Marking tools for marking wire cut locations reduce mistakes and ease planning.
• Electric nut drivers reduce assembly time of fittings.
• A plumb bob or laser level may be used to verify effectiveness of mounting points.
• A level may be used to check consistency of tray runs.
• A vacuum may be useful for cleanup of metal and paint shavings.
Cutting Recommendations
• Use cable tray cutting tool P/N 34839-001 to cut tray wires. Use side action bolt cutter to prevent sharp wires from protruding past the cut intersection.
• Angle cuts beyond cross wire (See Offset Cut image below).
• Concentrate on making smooth, clean cuts to prevent sharp edges.
• Cut bottom wires first, in the order shown below, starting the first cut at and continuing in numerical order (see Bottom Cutting Order image).
• Cut side wires next, starting at the top and working down (see Side Cutting Order image).
• Examine all cuts and smooth out any sharp edges.

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